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The science recruitment team at Hudson Shribman is made up of the science specialists within other industry sectors. When our clients, across industries, require particularly niche talent or unique skills sets our specialist science recruitment team pool their expertise to fulfil requirements.  We recruit across a broad range of sectors including pharmaceutical and biotech detailed below.

Leading the way in pharmaceutical recruitmentPharmaceutical Recruitment - division of roles in R&D

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest contributors to the UK economy, with exports worth in excess of £2.8bn.  In 2013, 73,000 people were employed in the field, 23,000 of whom worked in research and development (ABPI).

We have a proud history of providing pharmaceutical recruitment services at all levels from laboratory assistants to senior directors.  Our experience over 35 years has led to a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements and an ability to carefully select and source the very best talent in the industry.  Our extensive database of STEM candidates, comprehensive advertising streams and social media presence ensures our access to the ideal applicant.

Opportunities in the pharmaceuticals industry

The pharmaceuticals industry provides some of the most exciting and rewarding career paths.  The industry employs a wide range of professionals including scientists, engineers, IT professionals, statisticians, healthcare workers, sales and marketing professionals and administrative staff.  Our specialist pharmaceutical consultants can cover all roles and often work with colleagues in chemicals, IT and biotech to ensure full understanding of clients’ requirements.

Pharmaceutical companies offer some of the best salaries available for STEM graduates as well as great opportunities for career progression. Pharmaceutical corporations tend to offer generous bonus schemes, benefits and pensions.  Have a look at our current opportunities here.

Biotech recruitment in a fast-growing industry

The biotech industry is growing rapidly and so is biotech recruitment. The UK is leading Europe in this exciting and diverse field.  Biotech involves all uses of biological processes in the development and manufacture of products as well as in discovering solutions to existing problems.  Our clients are involved in a range of activities that utilise biotechnology including pharmaceuticals, agriculture and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Our life sciences and biotech recruitment team work across industries sourcing specialists for the private, public and third sectors. We work with FTSE50 companies as well as small startups and publicly-funded research institutions.

Opportunities in biotech

At Hudson Shribman we recruit at all levels from support staff to senior directors.  Our biotech recruitment team specialise in sourcing research and development staff and through working closely with the pharmaceutical, chemicals and FMCG teams we provide a comprehensive recruitment service.  As well as offering permanent and contract staffing solutions we also offer an executive search service to source both senior and specialist professionals.

Specialist biotech companies are still limited in the UK and tend to be based around Oxford and Cambridge (plus a growing number in Scotland).  Although we do supply staff to specialist biotech businesses the majority of our biotech recruitment is for multinational pharmaceutical, agriculture and FMCG corporations where biotech plays a key role in the development of their products.  Have a look at our current opportunities here.

Graduate schemes & internships

Hudson Shribman have been chosen to co-ordinate graduate schemes for a number of FTSE100 companies.  If you need an experienced recruitment partner to assist with graduate programmes or place interns please contact us to discuss your requirements.  If you are a recent graduate looking for opportunities in science you can read our tips on applying for graduate schemes or register with us to be informed of any upcoming programmes, internships or graduate roles that may be of interest.

Want to work with our science recruitment team? We’re hiring!

We’re developing our science recruitment team and are looking for both experienced recruiters and those new to recruitment but with relevant experience or educational background.  Read more about the working for Hudson Shribman.